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Philip Webb plan for Hurlands, Puttenham, Surrey

Drawing No. 21. House to be built at Puttenham. System of water pipes and cisterns and trenches for heating pipes. Section. Section box. Section of trench for heating pipes. Cross section showing rising main from well to cisterns. Block of plan showing lie of pipes underground the house stables from head of well. Scale: 1:96. 31 Jul 1897. Tracing altered as on plan 21x. and section altered. Sent 3 Nov 1898

Philip Webb plan for Rounton Grange, East Rounton, Yorkshire

Elevation of lower part of tower on the square. Front elevation of upper on the square. Section through upper part taken through the plan on the angle of bottom tower. Section looking west. Plan through line Z. Z, Sketch at outside of angle post B, Longitudinal Section west to east, Plan through Y. Y, stone corbel detail. Scale: 1:24

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